Mole, Squirrel and Wildlife Control

Moles, Squirrels and some wildlife can potentially cause harm and damage your property.

Moles are very industrious, house proud little creatures. The problem is, their housework can make a real mess of your lawn, playing field or sports pitch, causing you a maintenance headache!

Squirrels are not often considered to be a pest species until they decide to move into vacant spaces within your home or business. Once in, Squirrels will chew almost anything including electrical and television cables conceivably causing electrical failure and a serious fire hazard. As well as the above, there are many species of wildlife that can impact on our everyday lives.

CID Pest Control provide a full range of solutions to deal with your wildlife pest issue. We will identify the species and the cause of infestation, locate all points of entry and implement an efficient, safe and humane form of pest control with the use of modern trapping methods. A fully qualified CID technician will adhere to the legal requirements and follow regulation procedures to ensure you receive the most effective and economic treatment. On completion, we will supply you with our recommendations on the best form of prevention for the future.